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Eric Xu

“Just ask for help, don’t hesitate. Sometimes, people will not understand you, even your family.  It doesn’t matter—tell them what you feel.”

Something about me:

My wife and I had planned to immigrate to Canada for several years. We made this decision in approximately around August, 2019. I had been living in the same city and working for the same unit for my whole life. Quitting your job and moving to another country thousands miles away is a crazy affair for most people,  let alone me.

It is a totally complicated issue for me. From the moment I made the decision, I had been sticking to my ideology. But there was something wrong with my mind I was not aware until I felt terrible.

Methods to resolve:

From the moment the doctor made the diagnosis about my mental health issues, I began to fight with it, even today. I would like to share some experiences in case someone else needs it, especially if you feel something like this:

1. Sleepless or wake up early 

2. Sweating

3. Weight loss

4. Careless for surroundings

If you already have anxiety or depression problems, then some things below might be of help:

First thing is asking for help. Ask for help from your family or friends, whoever you know might help you. Just ask for help, don’t hesitate. Sometimes, people will not understand you, even your family . It doesn’t matter–tell them what you feel.

Secondly, medicine prescribed from a doctor is always helpful and effective. Your doctor’s advice is always the most important thing.

Physical exercising could help your mental health— attempt what you can. Going outside and walking for a while everyday could help a lot.

What helping me the most recently is medicine. I download a medicine app from the AppStore. I felt obvious improvement in only three days. It really worked. I strongly recommend it to everyone, even if you just want to maintain your mental health.

Whatever the situation being, just remember:

Depression or anxiety is a common thing, just like the flu; don’t be afraid. It is not your fault. Everything will be better gradually; try to get used to it.

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