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Ngo Van Vy—Vietnam—(Intermediate 2) I have been studying at Heartland for 4 months. What I like most are the interesting activities on Fridays when I can comfortably chat with my schoolmates to expand my circle of friends. It‘s also a great way to help me recharge my batteries and become…

The Joys and Sorrows of Teaching

Hello everyone! In case you hadn’t already noticed — I really enjoy my job! I’m certain most people also feel passionate about the work they do; but even so, there are bound to be some challenging moments that make us feel slightly less motivated to wake up in the morning….

Volunteer Week

Yamid Enrique Grey Sandoval—Columbia—Intermediate 1[Harvest Manitoba] In the world there should be more helping hands than supporting wars where the only beneficiaries are people seeking power no matter how many children grow up without parents. Thank you HEARTLAND for supporting initiatives that contribute to finding the true richness of our hearts….

Spring Spruce Up + St. Boniface Museum

Peter Nguyen—Vietnam—(Entry) Two weeks ago, our school hosted an extracurricular event titled “Volunteer Street Cleanup”. The morning was picturesque with a gentle yet invigorating breeze, and I found genuine joy in participating. Amidst the task of collecting litter alongside a fellow female volunteer, we narrowly averted a potentially hazardous situation….

Self-Studying English

Hi everyone! One of the most frequently asked question I receive is about how to self-study English more effectively. The mission of this article is for you, the readers, to pick up some useful skills that could be implemented right away. But first of all, let’s go through some basic…

Karaoke Party (April 19)

Cristina Arango de Sanchéz—Venezuela—(Former Student) Every week, the students look forward to knowing which will be the activity on Friday. Friday’s activities are the perfect moment to spend time with friends, connect with each other, practice English, relax, enjoy and learn about Canadian culture (places, games, history). Last Friday, the…

Dodgeball (April 12, 2024)

Caroline Campos—Brazil—(Entry) I’m suspicious about sports activities, I really love to practice sports. But playing dodgeball was better than I expected, I had never played before and it was amazing. Besides practicing the sport, we can meet new friends from other cultures and that was really amazing. Thirachot Nuntisak (Nin)—Thailand—(Advanced 1) It…

Introducing Scott Lao

Hello everyone! It’s such an honour to be here! For this blog, I’d like to give a brief introduction about myself with the help of words, pictures, and videos! Name: Scott Lao Nationality: Canadian Ethnicity: Chinese-Vietnamese Career: English teacher for 10+ years Hobbies: Photography, cycling, and nunchucks Marital Status: Married…