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During this outbreak, I want to share with you how to keep your mental health; mental health is very important because it is very emotionally, psychologically and socially healthy at this stage. It influences how we think, feel, and act. For those of you at home who have been affected by the outbreak, I have some ways to keep you mentally healthy. First of all, get plenty of mental exercise. For example, reading makes your mind full of energy, and you can learn new things at the same time. Moreover, communication is very important. If you are an introvert, try to communicate with family or friends in a face-video call as much as possible. Second, there are two ways to reduce your stress. For me, sleep and cooking are extremely helpful to me. Getting enough deep sleep can improve my emotions and memory and learning to cook can help relieve stress. For instance, cooking makes a big difference to me because it gives me satisfaction in life. Third, challenge your brain. Study a foreign language like what we are doing now at Heartland. It’s a challenge for us but our brains love it. All in all, stay healthy and happy during an outbreak.

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