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My home town, Harbin, is a beautiful city in the north of China. There are beautiful pedestrian streets, magical Sun Island Park, and the long Songhua River, which runs through the whole city. Every summer, Harbin welcomes tourists from all over the world. They walk on the streets and enjoy the European-style buildings on both sides. People can taste authentic Russian food here, and Harbin is famous for Madieer ice cream. In winter, Harbin is covered with snow. It is nice to see the ancient and sacred Sophia Church against the beautiful background of snow. The ice and snow world is a favorite place for children with the world’s highest ice building, the longest ice slide, and the most peculiar ice sculpture. The people who come here feel like they are walking into a fairy tale world. There is also an ice sculpture competition where people from all over the world show off their skills. This is my beautiful hometown, Harbin. I love my hometown.

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