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Living or studying overseas sounds easy for some, but difficult for many others. It is brave for each person who goes to another country to live. As international students, we study and live here to strengthen our knowledge and mind. On the other hand, homesickness is a huge challenge for many of us. We may feel missing parents a lot. We may cry at night because we miss the life we had before. Getting out of our comfort zone is the most difficult step that we have to take in order to be more successful. So how we can deal with homesickness?

1. Relax yourself. Don’t think too much, especially at night. Remember not to give yourself a hard time.

2. Go outside. You can walk around, or get a part-time job, or hang out with friends from a safe distance. So that you will not focus on the mood of missing families.

3. Stay positive.  A positive attitude is the key to maintaining a healthy mood.

4. Keep in touch with your family. The internet brings a lot of convenience to us including communication. We can send message or video chat with families no matter where we are or where they are. Also, to manage your vacation and fly back home to enjoy your time with your families.

There are more than just four points above for dealing with homesickness, but these are the most fundamental suggestions. I wish every one of us will balance family and study here and enjoy life in Winnipeg.

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