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Ken and the Heartland students at Winnipeg Harvest

One of the activities that I mostly enjoy at Heartland is The Friday activities; each of them helps me understand and connect with Canadian culture and lifestyle. One month ago, we had the opportunity to volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest, which is a not-for-profit, community-based organization and member of Food Banks of Canada and Manitoba Association of Food Banks. 

As their slogan says, they fight against hunger and give hope serving more than 64,000 Manitobans per month through nearly 400 agencies. Are you asking yourself what we did at Winnipeg Harvest? Well, let me tell you that we were part of a team that helped to give hope through two hours of volunteering. We received a quick training about the sorting station, we were explained how to sort the food, how to select food that is not expired and put the selected items in the correct boxes. We completed two tasks: to sort ginger cookies and different types of breads.

The big message that I learned from this experience is how small actions can have a big impact on those who are in need. Every person has a story, but what really matters is that they can find an act of love, gratitude and humanity in every package of food that they receive; what makes me think is that we have a chance to build a better world if more actions like this were copied for every city and every country, poverty and hunger would be extinct. 

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