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With everyone staying home and practicing physical distancing, it’s important to stay on top of your mental and physical health. If you’re a part of our online classes at Heartland, we know that it can be hard sitting in front of a computer all day. Here are some tips to stay fit and clear your mind. Enjoy!

1. Local Online Yoga Classes

A few of our teachers love practicing yoga. Many local studios now have online classes! Peg City Yoga has drop-in online class on ZOOM for $5. Make sure to follow The Yoga Barre’s instagram page for live yoga classes.

From Peg City Yoga’s website

2. Fitness in Winnipeg

Sport Manitoba (located near Heartland) is posting weekly exercise challenges with instructions and video lessons from their personal trainers. They have a Body Weight 400 Challenge and a Quad Workout!

Have you heard of The Community Gym? It’s also near Heartland! They are offering an online class pass.

Visit The Community Gym’s website to sign up and get fit!

3. Meditation & Binaural Beats

Even 5 minutes of daily meditation can help improve your focus and concentration. There are many guided meditations online (like videos on Youtube, apps to download), but we like to meditate without technology and screens!

If you’re new to meditation and find it weird to sit in silence, try listening to some binaural beats while you sit in a quiet place. Binaural beats are great for meditation, sleep, or studying!

There are tons of great meditation and study playlists on Spotify!

4. Journal Writing Prompts

Turn off your computer and grab a pen and notebook! Some people like to write whatever comes to mind, but sometimes it helps to have guidance. Start a gratitude journal by writing 3 things you are thankful for everyday. If you’re a list maker, try writing a list of simple things that keep you calm. Finally, try focusing on one of the writing prompts below!

  • What keeps you hopeful?
  • Why do you feel anxious?
  • How did you handle stress today?
  • How are you adjusting to this new way of life?
  • When did you feel helpful or useful?
  • Draw a picture to match your current feeling.

5. Morning and Nighttime Rituals

Life looks different now and during this difficult time, so many things seem out of our control. Keeping a routine or a ritual is a great way to structure your day and keep you grounded.

  • Pick a specific time to wake up and go to bed everyday.
  • Choose a calming thing to do in the morning (a shower, a walk, a stretch).
  • Choose a calming thing to do before you sleep (making tea, reading, having quiet time).
  • Schedule a weekly video chat with a group of your friends.
  • Share things you’re grateful for with someone you love everyday.

6. Connecting with Loved Ones

We are very grateful to live in an age where we can video chat with a loved one, even if they are far away. Call someone. Cook together. Sing together. Watch TV together. Fold laundry together. We are stronger together!

Jon and his Advanced 3 students during their online class! (Screenshot by Florence Schluep)

That’s all for today! If you have more ideas about how to stay healthy while we all self-isolate, leave a comment below or email

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