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Dani and her group of new students!

Give us a short introduction about who you are, why you chose Winnipeg & Canada, and what your future plans are!
My name is Dani, I’m from China. I think Canada is a beautiful country that has a beautiful name called the land of maples. The reason I chose Winnipeg was because of the lower prices, so I can save money. I am going to the Manitoba Institute of Trades & Technology if everything will be okay. This is my short-term plan, I guess.

What has your Heartland experience been like?
My purpose is to improve my English, so Heartland is a good place for me to study English. To be honest, I like the rules which Heartland has, especially the rule about “speaking English only”. I also like the different styles of teaching. Some teachers will have games like solving crimes, whisper, president and bomber, etc. Some teachers are strict, but I like them. All of them are very kind and patient, and they will explain things to me if I ask them any question. In addition, the Friday afternoon activities are good–I like it so much.

What is the student ambassador role?
The student ambassador should mingle around Jasmin’s desk and say hello to new students on Monday morning.  He/she should talk to students and introduce himself/herself, and then show them around the school. Before lunch time, the student ambassador should share their experience at Heartland, what they like about Heartland and some advice and tips that they have learned about studying English. Next thing is taking students to their classrooms. The most important thing is telling students that if they have questions they can ask the student ambassador for help.

How has your role as a student ambassador helped you personally/professionally?
It can improve speaking skills, which is the important thing. Secondly, I can gain leadership skills.

Why should someone be a student ambassador?
For one thing, a student ambassador can easily communicate with new students. In addition, new students feel welcome when they start their program at Heartland. Thirdly, a student ambassador can be a role model and mentor.

What is one memory you will always remember from Heartland?
I think one memory is my morning class teacher whose name is Jeneen. She is lovely and friendly. She always encourages me in my study and she thinks that I am a smart person. That’s why I have the will that I can learn English well in the future.

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