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Photo by Nicola
One day the wind blew on my face forty four times 
One night I had been thinking of you without closing my eyes
Your love  is a huge cake and I just ask for a slice
Only a glance of you will make me crazy with delight
A stranger in my backyard 
Playing by himself 
It was such a cold morning 
I wonder if he feels lonely or not
He wonders if I bring him breakfast or not
What kind of games have you played? 
Do you like Dodgeball as me?
I asked
Can you feed me some bacon? 
Crispy will be better
He barked
Alice in wonderland
Michelle in heartland 
I saw she’s walking
outside the coffee shop in the morning 
She’s more charming 
than Johannes Vermeer’s painting 
She’s the one who makes the dull winter shining 
A train hurtling through the freezing wasteland 
A guy was giving a bunch of roses to a girl 
The train said
Roses are red 
Violets are blue
All I wannna say is
Merry Christmas to you 

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