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Estimated to be over 2000 years old and originated from India, Yoga is a very special sport or activity which combines a series of physical postures. It allows the body to have a moment of quiet and peace and at the same time challenges physical strength and stamina.

My very first Yoga class was after I graduated from my university, and that was the time I worked myself into the ground. A good friend of mine recommended I should go for a Yoga class. At first, the hot Yoga experience wasn’t an easy one. You can imagine a lot of twisting and balancing inside a steamy sauna room. I couldn’t imagine making it through the class at first, but it was a complete relief and I just fell in love with it.

Yoga was more than an hour of sweaty, mechanical exercise, but to me that was a heart-opening experience. During the time in Yoga you’ll find yourself pushed into different limits with postures that you can’t imagine you can reach.  

Yoga is amazing, and it has become my regular habit. Physically, it can improve muscle strength, spinal health, blood flow and some say it can even help with sleep. Moreover, and more importantly, it gives your mind a chance to quiet down, become peaceful and focus yourself. It is an extremely good way to look after your mental body.  

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