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Firstly, a class schedule:

When you begin, you take a test on Monday and then start your level at 1:00. Now, you can click a link and join your class online because of COVID-19. You learn words and an idiom & phrasal verb. Next, you make sentences and have conversation time with your classmates. After lunch time, you learn reading, listening, writing, and speaking!

Secondly, teachers at Heartland:

Heartland teachers are friendly and kind. When you are studying English, if there is something you don’t know about vocabulary or grammar, you can ask your teacher. They like if you ask questions because they like when students study hard. 🙂

Thirdly, friends from many countries:

A lot of people from various countries study at Heartland English School. You can get to know friends from your class. Heartland invites you to join the Friday activity, and you can make even more friends.

Finally, the English-only policy:

You have to speak only English in the Heartland building. It is a good rule for everybody. It helps to improve your speaking skills and thinking grammar.

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