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On a dark, dark winter morning, Billy – a hoser – was going to Timmies and asked for a double-double and pancakes. Suddenly, he saw a gong-show where a woman showed her gotch because she was crazy. The woman took the toque from Billy and threw it on the floor. Billy didn’t care because he was hungry and he changed the order. He decided to sit on the chesterfield to ask for a hamburger. But he opened the wallet and he found just a loonie. He wanted very much to eat and cried. Surprisingly, some magic happened. A Fairy Godmother appeared. And she gave him money. He could ask for the hamburger but a zombie appeared and ate the brain of the crazy woman. Billy didn’t eat the hamburger because it was disgusting. He wanted to forget this day and went to the beach. He arrived there and the people were playing hockey with the zombie. He was shocked. He returned to the city that was very freezing. He woke up. It was a terrible nightmare. He just wanted a donut right now.

—Melissa Cyrulnik, Tran Bao Tien Do, and Laura Osorio Quimbaya

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