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Every year, the Manitoba Council for International Education (MCIE) presents awards for outstanding international students in a high school, post-secondary, or language program in Manitoba. Ni Made Shinta Dewi Lestari, an Advanced 2 pathway student, was nominated by the teachers and staff! Read her submission below and find out what she likes about living and studying English in Canada!

I’ve been here only for a year, living in Steinbach with a Canadian family. Steinbach is such a nice place because it’s quiet and there’s not many people here, so it’s not as crowded as Winnipeg. Here I can easily buy something fresh from the farm. Last year in the summer, my friends and I went to pick strawberries, which was really fun because while picking them we could eat it as well.

Living with a Canadian family is such a wonderful idea because they don’t speak my language, so I have to speak English all the time. Another benefit that I get from them is that I learn real English. I’m really grateful that I have them as my second family. What I like about Canada is the seasons that I’ve never had before in my country, and the people are so friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

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