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  • Have a beautiful house near the beach.
  • Own a helicopter and going everywhere I want to go.
  • Have a farm, raising a number of animals, and planting various kinds of vegetables.
  • Try my best to learn three or four languages.
  • Overcome timidity and to be a good swimmer.
  1. I want to learn another language;
  2. I want to travel around the world. Maybe I will visit Japan and surroundings, Australia and New Zealand, some countries in Europe;
  3. Skydiving with my son when he turns 18;
  4. I want to have my own company where I can work online.

Everyone wants to have a perfect life, but no one knows when an accident will happen. So I want to record my goal. I hope to be able to climb Mount Everest in my lifetime. Traveling around the world is also my dream. I also want to be a farmer who owns a lot of land. If I really have a lot of money, I will donate most of it to charity. These may be achieved; it may also be a bucket list dream only.

I want to be an owner of a coffee shop. There would be many bookcases in my shop and customers can read books when they are drinking. For myself, I can enjoy a book and coffee on a sunny afternoon.

I would like to travel all over the world. I want to go to Africa to watch lions and elephants not in a zoo or circus.

I love to travel to different places so I can acquire knowledge about them. As I am a cricket player, my dream is to play for Canada cricket because I am very passionate about cricket and through cricket, I can get a chance to meet new people.

Moreover, I feel that my parents will be proud of me when I achieve my goals.

I would like to have a big farm where I grow organic produce. I would keep animals such as sheep, cows, chickens and roosters. Also, on the corner of the farm, I would like to have a winery. I want to make a wine like no other in the world.

I would like to travel to some European cities and see them up close, cities like Paris, Prague and Venice. I really want to be financially strong enough to support many orphans.

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