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Heartland Memory Map
The Heartland Memory Map: Write a love note to WPG and to Heartland. Pin it to the memory map!

Hello readers!

There are hidden gems all over Winnipeg- you just have to look closely!  Last week, I stopped by MAKE Coffee to grab a drink and came across a beautiful art installation called PEGnotes.

The artists designed a map of Winnipeg on a large piece of wood, and attached wooden pegs for guests to pin a thought or memory about the city.  Their Instagram page features some of the funniest, sweetest, and most honest notes that visitors have left behind. I thought, why not have this at Heartland?!

Below you will find some of the messages left behind from students in Jeneen’s classes.  You can find the Heartland Memory Map in the student kitchen on the second floor.

Make sure to leave your own love note.  I will feature the best ones on this blog and in the next newsletter! ♥


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