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My morning walk is very good for my health. In the morning walk, we take in fresh air, and the atmosphere is very nice. Some people go for evening walks. Walking makes our bodies fit. I go walking every day in the morning and evening time. I remember in India my school was very far from my house, so every day I walked to school. 

Once there was a crow. He was very thirsty. He was looking all around. He saw a pit over there. There was a little water in the pit, but he couldn’t reach the water. Nearby, he saw a stone, and he tried to put the stone in the pit. Water came out, and he drank the water, and flew away.– Jasbir Singh Sra

I’m so happy every day. I was missing Winnipeg in South Korea. I wanted to come to Winnipeg, but I didn’t come to Winnipeg because of the pandemic. Now, I’m in Winnipeg with my cousin. My cousin: she is so kind, a good cook, a good advisor, and a good driver. Every day is happy! 🙂 – Boyeon (Ella) Kim

The winter in Canada is colder than that in China, but I’m looking forward to the same. Although I don’t like the cold season, I like snowball fights and snowmen very much. Another thing is to have a cup of hot chocolate in a warm room. It must be great.
Yuhao (Tom) Wang

I took an English class at Heartland School. Here I know my beautiful English teacher Carol, and many classmates. My teacher is very nice, and she taught me a lot. What I like most is that she often sings to us in class. She is always happy. All the students like her very much. I will finish my course this week. I am very reluctant to give up my teacher and classmates. Here I wish all people happy every day. We will see you in Winnipeg.
Hongdan (Linda) Li

In Viet Nam I travel by motorbike. Once, when I was a high school student, my friends and I went out. While we were riding, the police stopped us. At that time, my friend and I were afraid of turning. The policeman said I was speeding. This road I can only travel at 45km/h, but I was doing 50km/h. When we were students, we could only ride slowly. It was a lesson I will remember forever.
Hoang Thao Quyen Luu

Last month, my friend and I went fishing in Shoal Lake. We saw a moose on the road. It looked at us and walked into the woods when we were about to continue driving. We met a new friend by the lake. He told that he saw a very small bear. Maybe its mother was nearby. He reminded us to pay attention to safety. We didn’t see the bear. We were very happy that day.
Jianxun (Jason) Chai

Yesterday after class we went for a walk in St. Vital Park. I saw many people and many geese. A lot of people were walking in the park, and some people were walking their dogs. Some geese were swimming in the water, and some geese were walking on the grass.
Wenling Dong

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