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“Well done, Max.” My husband praised and my son kept cycling without training wheels, without being held and without falling off his bike.

Before that Max used to refuse to ride without training wheels, no matter how much we encouraged him. Until one day he realized that only 3 students were unable to ride in his class. He was shocked and didn’t want to be the last one. Per his request, we went to the cycling park for secret training last Saturday morning. With making up his mind, he overcame his fear and achieved his goal finally.

I was pleased that I didn’t miss this moment. It was the first time having an outdoor activity that Saturday morning after my remote lesson started. I am in Hong Kong and the class ends at 4am in my area. Recently, I have been enjoying brunch after getting out of bed on Saturdays. Although I am tired in the mornings, I am thankful to Heartland for providing online classes. It allows me to continue with my original study plan.

I hope COVID-19 will end very soon, and that the best is yet to come for everyone.

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