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Happy is my aunt’s dog. The first time I met Happy was when I first came to Winnipeg. My first impression of
Happy was so good. I was so tired after flying to Winnipeg by myself, so I wanted to arrive home early and take a rest. When I got home, I met Happy, and he welcomed me as if he had always known knew me, so my tiredness disappeared immediately.

Happy’s favourite things are winter, snow, snacks, a pink toy, walks, my aunt and human food. Happy is an American Eskimo. He has lots of fur, so he loves winter and snow. When it snows, he runs around in the snow. I think he has a clear opinion of himself. He likes snacks but if I give him one, he dislikes the snack and he doesn’t eat it. Like snacks, he doesn’t play with toys unless it’s his favourite pink doll, but he loves all of human food. It’s interesting. Also, Happy really loves my aunt. I think he always thinks he should protect her. He hates strangers approaching her. He likes going to the dog park and walking around. He hangs out with other dogs at the dog park. I like to take a walk with Happy because I feel relaxed. 

In my opinion, Happy gives happiness to my family. Happy makes us smile. I hope Happy lives with us as healthy as he is now. I want to make more memories with him. I love it.

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