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Weeks ago, I wanted to find some exciting TV series to watch. I tried a few shows with scary names, but still nothing. And then, Fargo; it is right up my alley.  I am not going to be a story spoiler here. So instead, I want to introduce two key roles below.

Nygaard is a typical middle-aged person, who has met all kinds of middle age crises. He is depressed, frustrated, neurotic and angry. 

Malvo is a killer who is patient, logical, rational and ruthless. (Is it easy to recognize who is who in the picture above, isn’t it? For sure, the guy on the left is Malvo.) 

t’s obvious their personalities and life tracks are so different. Therefore, what becomes a breathtaking story is the following series of crimes caused by their occasional meeting. And you just cannot imagine what will happen next.

Another point is the geography and landscape in this show. The plot takes place in Bemidji, Minnesota. Most international students, like me, may not think it is a true name at first. So, I checked the name in Google Earth, and discovered it is not only real, but also close to Winnipeg. Actually, Winnipeg is mentioned many times in Season 2.

Look, no matter if you want to watch a good TV show, or if just want to know more about how people live in the winter in a city like Winnipeg – just check it out!

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