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Felines are such an elegant and mysterious creature that ancient Egyptian worshiped it as one of their gods.

I cannot remember when exactly I became so fond of cats. Just to be clear, I like dogs too. But cats are my favourite. I’m definitely a cat person.

There are many street cats in Shanghai, especially in parks and residential areas. When I was a student, I could always find some little cute cats on my way back home. Once there was even a cat that walked with me for a long distance, from one tree to another, on the pavement. She walked beside me until I could not let her follow me any longer. Actually, it might have been me who was following her instead. I asked my parents if I could have a cat many times, but each time they told me ‘no’. So, I had to just watch online cat videos and cat pictures. It brought me a lot of joy.

I didn’t have a cat until 2017. Now my kitten is about 3.5 years old. I take care of her as my little girl. My furry friend usually scratches the door and meows to call me up and let me
prepare fresh water for her if I get up late in the morning. Sometimes, when she sleeps with me on my bed, she can stay still all night at my feet.

Felines are such an elegant and mysterious creature that ancient Egyptian worshiped it as one of their gods. It is said that cats are only awake for four hours a day. I buy it. Most of the time during the day, my Cinderella is just sleeping wherever: in the apartment, on the floor, on the desk, on the sofa, beside the window or on my legs. However, any subtle sound can wake her up, from me leaving the chair to dogs walking outside of the door. Surprisingly, she doesn’t fear thunder at all. The only problem is her color and agility. She’s grey and she can walk without making a single sound, so I can barely see or hear her in the dark, thus it’s quite easy to step on her accidentally. When this happens, she just meows and then I know I made a mistake.

Cinderella has been bringing me so much fun and pleasure. I particularly enjoy her purring sound while she is laying on me. I also take tons of pictures of her and post them on social
media. Cat’s life spans are much shorter than human beings, I think it’s best to cherish everyday living with her and appreciate every precious day.

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