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When I was young, I had a dream of going to the Rocky Mountains after watching a movie. My dream finally came true last summer. We planned which city to visit, how long to stay, and what kind of experience to have. Canada is so big that planning was difficult. The route took several days because Winnipeg is located in the centre of Canada. We decided to go to my dream place first. To begin with, we went to Banff by car, passing through Regina and Calgary. As expected, Banff was beautiful. The water of the lake was emerald, the mountains were magnificent, and the bear I met by chance was so amazing. It was the first time we saw a bear in nature. The Rocky Mountains were much better than I thought. Second, we went to Toronto by plane. Toronto was really a big city and it is similar to Seoul. We went shopping and to the museum. The highlight of the Toronto trip was Niagara. I thought it was just a waterfall. However, I was surprised at the scale of the waterfall and felt like I was in a different world. Honestly, it is more impressive to me than Banff. Lastly, we traveled to Quebec. This time we went by bus. Quebec was like Europe and it had beautiful buildings. The people were not as kind as Winnipeggers, though. It is a city that many Koreans visit because they filmed a Korean drama in that area, so I wanted to go there. In the end, our family saw many cities in Canada. Every city was a little different. This trip was inspiring and made unforgettable memories for my family.

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