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Hi, this is Michelle, and I come from China. I have lived in Winnipeg for one year, and I will
finish my studies in this beautiful city in the next few years. I used to be a student at Heartland International English School. I am honored to share my artwork with you. I have
forgotten how I started to create and paint because I have never taken any formal courses in painting. But my father is a good painter. I think maybe he gave me some talent.

I don’t know what to say about my paintings. Maybe everything started two years ago. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which felt like a tiger walking around the room. It’s hard to imagine that you were excited to sing a song one minute ago. You think you are a very beautiful girl in the world, but in the next few minutes, when you look at an apple on the table, you will feel a bad mood filled within your brain.

Since then, I have been trying to make myself feel better in difficult times. So I began to exercise and draw. They make me feel better. Now I believe that a bad mood may not be a bad thing, I can create and inspire me to create different works of art in this period.

I have to say, I hate the bad mood when I struggle. But now I can find myself when I draw a
picture. In addition, I think if one day the bad mood disappears in my life, I may not have the inspiration to create. Look, now I can live with that tiger.

A lot of times bad emotions sneak into my brain, but I don’t allow them to turn me into another person.

Although now I will be troubled by bipolar disorder, many times I do not know how to answer about who I am now? Or who I will be in the future!

Until I know that I know it will be OK, it is like a tiger with its claws folded. I know that occasionally the sun is so bright, and you have the whole sky.

This is Michelle’s story.

Finally, I want to say that I miss my teacher Jeneen, my writing teacher Jon, my  listening
teacher Sara, my speaking teacher Lane, and pretty Jasmin.

Kind regards,
Your student Michelle

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