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I have been studying in Heartland for three months. I got accustomed to going to Heartland and study with teachers and classmates together every day. It made me have a lot of fun. But everything changed because of the Coronavirus, so we have to stay at home and learn English online. I think it is important to us to keep healthy in such a hard period.  I heard some sad stories about people who got sick or even killed themselves during the quarantine, so I have to play my cards right to avoid those bad things.

First of all, you must keep your physical health. If you stay at home and do not do much movement, you are supposed to avoid eating too much, especially junk food.  I only have one or two meals a day, and I only eat meat and a few vegetable without rice or bread.  Remember, the nutritional facts in meat are enough for you, and carbohydrates can make people fat and sick. Sometimes, I go out for a walk for half an hour. I believe correct food and proper exercise makes me healthy.

Secondly, don’t forget your mental health. Keeping busy might help you avoid getting cabin fever. I study online with Carol and my classmates every day, and I prefer to finish my homework as fast as I can after class.  Watching comedies is my favorite pastime at leisure, which helps me to improve my listening skill. I am eager to call my family every day. Talking with my family can make me relaxed and happy.

I’m optimistic that Canadian will overcome the pandemic finally, and we will reunite at Heartland sooner. I hope everyone can keep happy and healthy during this hard period.  I believe our future will be bright.

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