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Canada is a very large country with a variety of geography, and if you have enough time for the journey, driving around Canada is a good choice.

This time I gave myself several days and then started the 2,000 km journey. I packed my bags the night before departure and went to Vancouver airport to rent a car and get snow tires. I downloaded the offline map from Google map (there was no signal for a part of the road in the mountains), prepared food on the road, made myself another cup of coffee, and started the trip. After a half hour drive from downtown Vancouver, when I was into the mountains, it began to snow with very big snowflakes. There were many trace of vehicles on the road. And there was a strong cross wind. The visibility was very low.

Everybody reduced the speed, lining up together slowly through. It made me feel safe. I had to follow the car through the trace before, so I wouldn’t be stuck in the snow. Soon I drove across the snow area, visibility was much better, the speed of the car also increased, and I finally relaxed.

The scenery in the mountains was picturesque. The golden sunset shines on the snow mountains was like in a fairy tale. Many people were hiking along the roadside. The first day I went through the Rocky Mountains before dark. The next few days was across the plains. It made me feel excited.

For the next few days I saw a lot of people riding motorcycles on Road 1.There were many farms along the road, raising cattle, horses and crops. Clouds shadow on the grass made the view interesting. I listened to the music and drove the car, feeling like I was flying like a bird.

I didn’t have a destination every day, just drove until I felt tired and then stopped to rest, found a place to stay before dark. I really enjoyed the journey.

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