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“Not confused in the heart, not trapped in the feelings.  Don’t fear the future, don’t miss the past.”

Jessica Liu

Lifelong learning to me means to keep leaning. It will make me better, so that I will have greater personal development and have a better quality of life. Why is lifelong learning influential for me?

First, I need to keep learning, so that I will get more knowledge and skills and will have better ideas to solve problems at work, and will therefore more likely be promoted. I think lifelong learning is important for a future career.

Secondly, studying is not only about learning the knowledge of the text; I can learn what I like to enrich my life. For example, I know a grandmother who began to learn English as a second language at the age of 60. Now she can |communicate with foreign friends. She also learned the piano at the same age. She can play a nice song now. She is very happy every day. Because learning enriched her life, I need to enrich my life also.

Thirdly, when I keep learning, I will have different goals at each period. After I reach the goal, I will have higher goals and finally I will reach the life I want. Just like we are studying at Heartland, we not only learn English from good teachers, but we also have our goals, and when we reach our goals, we will change our lives.

In my opinion, I can become a more positive and optimistic person through learning. So, lifelong learning is very important in my life. I suggest people don’t give up learning. Once you’re encouraged to practice lifelong learning, I believe you will become an excellent and happy person in your life.

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